About the project

Delinquency, drug addiction, alcohol consumption become a very important part of unoccupied teenagers. It was noticed lately that more and more often the law is broken by children younger than 14 y.o. Moreover, offences become more serious, children often experience violence at school or near chools. They are not provided with interesting activities and information about the dangers thus they find themselves in the dangerous environments where they can get drugs that affect their mind. There also a danger to become victims of sexual exploitment and trade in humans. One of the methods to create socially active, cultivated, open society is to get children and teenagers to participate in sports, social activities and in this way to develop their communication skills. Lately there is a tendency for children and teenagers who do not participate in after class activities to get invloved in criminal activities, which increases the possibility to become a victim of the crime. Among the most effective methods f solving this problem is to increase children’s business and to motivate them to develop intellectal and physical skills. It becomes a very relevant topic to children‘s parents.

In order to solve the problem of teenagers’ business, it was decided to strengthen The Baltic Wing Tsun Kung-Fu Association and to broaden its activities. Wing Tsun Kun-Fu fighting art’s uniqueness (it is useful not only to train the body but it focuses also on the development of intellectual skills) can be widely applied in forming children’s and teenagers’ characters and skills. For this reason, the interest of the new members (children, teenagers, and their parents) in this sport will not only contribute to increase of children’s business but also will encourage the development of one’s personality and will be one of the methods to prevent teenagers from the criminal world.

This movement, as one of four Block Grants in Lithuania, is supported by EEE and Norway Grants. Lithuania, after it entered EU, it also became a member of EEE. On 1st May 2004 was implemented an Agreement which embedded multinational EEE Financial Mechanism (support from Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein) and The Norwegian Financial Mechanism. Lithuania, in order to get support according to these mechanisms, on 14th May 2004 signed a Memorandum of Agreement of The Norwegian Financial Mechanism implementation in the years 2004 – 2009, and on 22nd April 2004 - of EEE Financial Mechanism’s implementation in the years 2004 – 2009.